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Wake up with a refreshed and recharged brand created in one day.

Because I've been where you are, I understand the struggle of starting a new business, and that sometimes time and money just aren't available. While I would prefer you to go through my three-phase branding process to ensure a we cover every nook and cranny, the Overnight It service will serve you well until you start seeing results that allow you to invest further into your brand's foundation and implementation.


Need an Overnight brand?

You'll have my full undivided attention, as the Overnight It service books an entire 8 hours of my time. My standard branding services are spread out over the course of a few weeks, broken down into collaborative phases. We are stripping down that process and condensing a bulk of the services into a single day, leaving you with a functional brand that's uniquely you.


The Overnight It service provides you with an overview of your ideal customer and how to connect with them through keywords and messaging strategy.

A mood board to provide you with visual direction when it comes to photography and overall aesthetic in your marketing efforts.

A visual identity that consists of three or four logo variations, a strategically chosen color palette and font system. If there is time, a brand pattern or iconography may be established.

A thorough PDF presentation outlining your new brand and how to use it going forward.

Sleep tight!

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